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Peter Veysie

Resident Minister


It is an absolute joy and privilege for me to be serving in George. We have over 1000 members at George Methodist Church with a wonderful team of staff and leaders helping me to serve them.

I have a passion for Jesus and my gifts are leadership, teaching and pastoring. I have interests in art and theology and am busy with my Ph.D. in practical theology. I love running and have completed 11 Comrades, ultra-marathons and a half Ironman. I love swimming, cycling and water sports including sailing keel boats. I also love the outdoors.


Debbie and I have been married since 1987! Debbie is an art teacher and professional photographer as well as the Creative Director of the church. She continues to add value to the buildings and general aesthetics of the church as well as adding many other creative ideas to events we host and to areas around our church and throughout George. She also runs a highly successful woman’s group.

We have three boys: Matthew, who is working in Johannesburg, Luke, who is working in Cape Town and Joel, who is studying a B.Comm business degree at Stellenbosch University.

Our vision as a family is to “add value wherever we are”. Our church vision is to be a discipling, loving church serving Jesus Christ.


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