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Here's where it all started

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George Methodist Church (GMC) started in 1976 in the house of Sarie and George Gerber. The first service was held on the 8th February 1976 in the Gerber’s home, 5 Barry Road – Heatherlands. 36 people were in attendance, including children. They started with one service a month – with tea afterwards, to get to know each other with  Maureen Edgar playing the piano and Dawn Victor leading the singing.  The Mossel Bay minister at the time, preached – together with other church ministers in the area.

In 1977 the first Women’s World Day of Prayer was started. By this time, the church had outgrown 5 Barry Road and had to raise money to move to a new premises. The first mini bazaar was joyfully planned to raise funds. A total of R315.62 was raised. The church used this money to open a bank account for a building fund.

The first wedding, held by GMC, was in August 1977 and the first confirmation was in November 1977.

In April 1978 they started using the 7th Day Adventist Church building in Market Street for a weekly Sunday service.  The property in Plantation Road was for sale and was bought for the sum total of R8 000!

In 1979 the church, at 8 Plantation Road, was officially opened by Rev Sydney Jones. The current church tea hall was the first building to be used for services.

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