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Our desire for worship at George Methodist Church is to encourage and inspire people to experience more of Jesus. Although we believe that worshipping is a lifestyle and not only something you do on a Sunday – we do hope to see people connecting with the Holy Spirit more, through our Sunday worship. We want to encourage people to worship more ‘freely,’

and not to worry about what others think while worshipping.

There is an open invitation to members who, not only have the heart and calling, but also the technical ability and skill to join us. We are also very happy to work with up-and-coming musicians who have the same heart for worship and want to learn how to be part of a worship team. Joining the worship team is no light responsibility, but rather a great privilege. It’s about leading the church into God’s presence and understanding how to do this through music. It requires dedication, perseverance and discipline, but more so a heart that is passionate about God and His people.

Our 8:00 am service offers more traditional worship – singing many Methodist hymns.

(Worship Team practice Friday mornings 09:00)
Our 10:00 am service offers lively, modern worship.
(Worship Team practice Tuesdays at 18:00)

We occasionally host Worship Evenings – uniting churches through worship. Announcements for Worship Evenings take place closer to the date of the event. The worship team, for these events, is made up of members from various churches and all are welcome. We love that we, as the church of George, can unite in His name.

At the moment we are in a season of building up new worship teams and raising up worship leaders.


If you would like to get involved in our worship/media/sound, please

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